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I have made it to St. Augustine, FL.!!!!

I have ridden everyday since leaving Alabama 10 days ago.
The weather has been spectacular with the daytime temperatures in the mid
70’s and lower 80’s and no wind to speak of: a perfect ending to an
already fantastic trip! 35 miles outside of Gainesville my shifting lever
mechanism broke leaving me with only my two hardest gears. The trip to
Gainesville became much harder than it should have been but fortunately
the hills were small and I was able to get to the bike shop with minimum
wear and tear on my poor legs. I hit the coast 10 miles south of St.
Augustine and was able to ride the final 10 miles on the hard packed sand
of the beach (except for the two hour nap on the beach).
I’m looking forward to getting into a beach mode for the next five days
with R&R being my priority at this time. St. Augustine seems like the
perfect place for this.
I would really like to thank everybody who donated to the CRC in support
of this adventure: they deserve our support.
There are so many people who gave me support along the way: too many to
mention individually. Thanks everybody!
And thank you to all the people who sent comments through the blog: that
was a source of inspiration for me. I’m sorry if I didn’t always write
back but the time and circumstances didn’t always allow it.
The Outdoor Store, Fort Bragg Cyclery and Catch A Canoe And Bicycles Too
were all so generous in helping me get this trip started: I don’t think I
could have afforded it without their help.
Will Geiger deserves a special thank you for buying me an ipod and taking
the time to show me how to use it: one of the great inventions of our
And thanks Jiro, my hero, for managing the blog: you’re the best.
I have had a great adventure, met many wonderful people, was extended
countless kindnesses by total strangers and done something for our great
community to feel good about. Life is good: get out and enjoy it while you
can! I am looking forward to coming home and seeing everybody. But first
it’s time to get into that beach mode that I was talking about earlier!
See you soon.

Beach buming again


St Augustine and beyond


Home stretch


Lone camper


The Suwannee River


The best sandwich?


Urban camping behind the Madison Florida Fire Dept.


Camp wild life


Camp view