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Update from the traveler

Hi to everybody.
Today is Saturday 28th and I’m taking a day off at a campground on Dauphin
Island, Alabama.
My luck has held with the weather. It seems to rain everyday around here
but somehow I have managed to avoid it while riding. But, I have had
several days with headwinds, sometimes very strong, which makes the riding
much harder.
I have been on some of the most deserted roads that I’ve ever ridden on
and I am getting to see parts of the country that most people never see.
The towns are all small and the people are like people from small towns
everywhere: friendly, concerned and wanting to help. Southern hospitality
is alive and well.
I have met several people in the last few days who are doing bike tours
and it’s always nice to know that there are other people out there doing
what I’m doing. Tomorrow I will take the ferry off the island and begin
the trip across the panhandle of Florida.
Your comments and words of encouragement mean so much to me: thank you all.
Down the road I go…

Just crossing the lines


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Friendly face


Mardi Gras


Report from Mardi Gras

Today is Tuesday the 24th and I just got back from my first Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras was absolutely everything that it was suppose to be: funny,
freaky, goofy and wild. The streets of the French Quarter are crammed with
people in every kind of wild costumes imaginable. The mood was very
festive and everybody seemed to be having a good time: I know that I did.
A special thank you goes out to Tim Rice for picking me up, showing me
around, letting me stay at his beautiful home and taking me into New
Orleans for Mardi Gras: it was an experience that I will never forget.
I had some incredibly beautiful days of riding through the back roads of
Louisiana on mostly deserted roads. Tomorrow Tim will take me to the bike
shop in the morning to get my bike worked on and then drop me off back on
my route. Tomorrow afternoon I should be in Mississippi and a few short
days after that I will begin to ride across the panhandle of Florida to
the Atlantic. I have approximately 850 miles to go to reach the Atlantic
ocean. I have decide to fly home since a one way ticket costs only $84.
I can’t wait to get started again! Thanks to everybody for their comments.
I have a feeling that when I’ve replied, for some reason, the replies
aren’t being sent. I hope that all is well with everybody: I should be
home soon!

Party town


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